Sarah Jessica Parker Looked Ridiculous on the Red Carpet

sarah jessica parkerSarah Jessica Parker is one of the most fashion-forward ladies out there. Even though she's said that she doesn't share the same passion for fashion as Carrie Bradshaw, SJP's still got some pretty killer style. She can wear anything and make it look good. Well, almost anything. The new Lovelace star attended the amfAR AIDS charity gala that kicked off New York Fashion Week on Wednesday and, um, wore something, um, a bit questionable. 

And by "questionable" I mean "terrible." In a black leather jacket, white gloves, and a pink skirt, SJP looked like some sort of misguided Rocker Barbie on the red carpet. 


She gets points for creativity, though. Not too many people would look at a play-time parachute at a Gymboree and think it would make a great skirt.

Every part of her outfit would've been fine on its own, but thrown together, it's a hot mess. I could see the skirt working with a sheer white tee in the summer, but in February with a black bomber? No.

And to make it even worse, she was carrying this gray leather messenger bag. It was the rotten cherry on top of the pink and black poop sundae. I will say this, though: Her hair and makeup looked flawless.

But believe it or not, there was actually another star at the event who looked worse than SJP. Hard to imagine, but it's true. Enter Lindsay Lohan. I'm concerned for her. The wig, the yellow skin, the dead eyes ... shiver. Somebody call her mother. Wait. No. Don't do that. Somebody call someone who can help her, for real, and now. You do that, and I'll hunt down SJP's skirt and light it on fire.

What do you think of Sarah Jessica Parker's look?


Photo via Jemal Countess/Getty

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