Kate Middleton's Latest Look Isn't Worth Copying

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kate middletonFresh off of her trip to Mustique, Kate Middleton is back at "work." The Duchess showed up to an art exhibit this week -- her first solo gig, might I add -- in a very lovely, very British-looking coat dress by now defunct-brand, Jesire. Her shiny hair was coiffed perfectly; her skin was glowing exuberantly; and a couple of sparkly, shiny things dangled from her ears and wrist. She looked perfect and polished and lovely, as usual.

However, this is one look that the masses really needn't try to copy. In fact, let us all do ourselves a favor, and not. Please. Let's just admire her Royal Highness and move on.

Even though it's not my style, I can appreciate a woman in a coat dress. Really, I can. But there's just something so ... not universal about them. They're so structured and formal -- really, the only people who look appropriate in them, in my non-coat-dress-wearing opinion, are politicians and royalty. And maybe Barbara Walters. You or I would look ridiculous in one, like we're wearing a costume.

I know that everything Kate Middleton steps out in immediately becomes a hot commodity, and trends (and mass shopping hysteria) often follow, but what do you say we skip this one? Let's just leave the coat dresses and the tiaras to her, and wait to see what she's going to wear next. I guarantee, it'll be something that'll be more flattering to us all. Like maybe a knee-length dress and some nude pantyhose.

What do you think of Kate Middleton's dress? Would you ever wear a coat dress?


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Abdul Muhammad

As a man, I can appreciate a girl in a conservative dress, and I wish more chicks would dress like this. Unfortunately, most chicks could not pull this one off!

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

I think it is cute and I would wear it. I don't see how someone could think this was a costume.

Melis... Melissa042807

I think it's cute. But I like really structured clothing. Just my taste. 

Seven... SeventiesChild

i like it alot. Whats wrong with it?Nothing. And she would look good wearing a burlap sack. So there.

nonmember avatar Kelly

Ur just mad the brand isn't available! I kid, I kid :) Maybe..

nonmember avatar Betty

Most of us would look like Grandma's living room chair.

Lorraine Alexander

It looks like she borrowed the dress from one of the cleaning ladies....

nonmember avatar Victoria

I like it... wait, I actually love it. I was thinking "that dress is perfect for me to wear to work in this kind of weather" when I saw it.

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