Jennifer Aniston Should Dye Her Hair Dark So We Can Too

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It must be kind of difficult to be Jennifer Aniston sometimes. And yes, I'm being totally serious. Can you even begin to imagine what it's like for that poor girl when she has a remotely bad hair day? Hmm. You're probably right. Odds are good that she never has them.

Jen's hair is just about as big of a celebrity as she is, and whatever she happens to be doing with her style at any given point in time is always a hot topic. C'mon -- admit it. You tried the "Rachel" cut at some point while Friends was on the air like everyone else did.

Jennifer is such a major trend-setter for all that is hot in hair, and now her latest style idea may save us all a lot of time in the salon.

Jen is considering going back to her roots by dyeing her hair a dark brown color that is closer to her natural shade. And if she takes the plunge and ditches the highlights for good, it will make all of us feel so much better about going dark too. It's a lot easier to justify making a major hair change when Jennifer Aniston does it first, right?

Going dark is kind of a big leap, but there are plenty of valid reasons why it's actually a very wise decision. Highlights look great, but the upkeep on them is just such a huge pain. They require a lot of extra time and money, both of which are luxuries that moms don't often have. And aside from spending added hours in the salon or extra cash that we could put toward plenty of other things, constantly coloring your hair just isn't healthy.

Even though Jen's main concern with her hair is probably to keep it nice and strong and not have it all dried out from highlights, we can't help but wonder if there's another reason she's suddenly focused on her roots. Pregnancy rumors have been following her for a while, and darker hair will only add to the speculation that Jen does, indeed, have a bun in the oven.

Regardless of Jen's reasoning for going over to the dark side, we're all rooting for her to do it so that we can follow suit and feel good about making the change. And just to be on the safe side, salons should go ahead and stock up on darker shades to prepare for the masses who will no doubt run through their doors with pictures of Jen's new look asking for the same thing.

Do you think that Jennifer would look good as a brunette?


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Laura Jerpseth

She should do as she wants.

As for YOU, if YOU choose to dye your hair black, what the hell is stopping you? Oh, your so self-concious that you can't unless dark hair is "in."

Honestly. That's pathetic. The whole "in and out of style" thing is pathetic. Everyone should do what makes them feel comferatable with their bodies.

(P.S: Celeberaties are PEOPLE, not almighty gods whom you must blindly follow)

MegTh... MegTheGem

Couldn't have said it better, Laura.

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

Sorry but I am quite capable of making fashion decisions without looking to 'celebrities'.

I have managed to live my life without dying my hair blond or doing the 'Rachel cut'.

Seriously, the Stir, this is the best you can do?

Water... Water_geM

miss aniston has no weight in my decisions concerning physical appearance. i do with my body as i please.i think others should do the same.

it makes me sad you cant make a decision for yourself unless a 'fashionista celebrity" does it first.

be is to short for waiting for others to do it first.

kiri8 kiri8

I understand what she means.  This is a light-hearted article, and it doesn't reveal the writer's deep-seated insecurities or anything like that.  Jennifer Aniston is a style icon in this country, and her hair, like it or not, has been really influential on what we as a culture think is attractive.

If she goes brunette, it could make going brunette cool, and yes, that would be nice for lots of women.

However, I beat Aniston to it!  I abandoned the blonde and went brunette a few months ago.  :o)

Loref... Lorefield

Hmm. I died my hair dark this weekend, BOOM! Totally did it without the aid of a celebrity!

Loref... Lorefield

Laura, I totally agree with you. While the author might have been trying to be light hearted, I am really sick of this hair insecurity crap and the whole deal with what's in and what's not.

Judging by the hair commercials, I am assuming that curly hair is totally not in right now since they are depicting my "style" as frizzy, messy and not cool at all. But if I use their product, I will magically have straight, sleek, in-stlye hair!

Hmmm. No, I will continue rocking my out of fashion, (dark) red curls :)

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