Happy 50th Birthday, Lindsay Lohan!

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Lindsay LohanThey say hard living can really age a person --

And no one offers better proof of this than Lindsay Lohan, who appeared to be pushing 50 at a recent New York Fashion Week event.

Judging by her over-processed wig of a platinum mane, matronly dress, frumpy coat, and haggard expression, Lindsay seems to be aging a lot faster than the average 25-year-old.

Perhaps all of those "Red Bulls" she's drinking have something to do with it ...

... or maybe she's simply aging in LA years. Isn't it true that Hollywood actresses age two years for every one of ours? That would make her, coincidentally --


I think this theory explains everything!

What about you?

I think Lindsay shouldn't be surprised if she gets an AARP application in the mail soon.

But in fairness, the look may be intentional. She may simply be angling for a part in the remake of The Graduate.

She'd make a great Mrs. Robinson.

Jokes aside, Lindsay could easily look a lot more youthful by doing a few things:

1. Lose the hairdo. It's way too ... much. And it's strangely aging.

2. Get some sleep. I don't know about you, but Lindsay always looks tired to me, even on the cover of Playboy magazine.

3. Find a good facialist. All those days spent on the beach seem to be taking their toll on Lindsay's skin -- but it's probably nothing a few good chemical peels can't fix.

4. Wear age-appropriate clothing. Generally, I'm wincing over Lindsay's too-tight ensembles, but I think this dress is just as bad, in the other direction. It literally makes her look like a grandma.

I still miss the emerging talent we all loved from The Parent Trap. Bring her back, Lindsay.

Bring her back.


Image via Splash News

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amber... amberdotsmom

She's not playing Victoria Gotti in a movie is she?  Is so that would explain everything; if not........ouch!  And yes, it's sad she's come to this when that cute actress in Parent Trap had potential.

Butte... Butterflysky_24

it is so sad that she looks so old. You're supposed to savor every minute of your 20s. I am 25 and still feel like a kid. I don't know how old I look, but not old enough for people to write an article saying I look 50

Kritika Kritika

I saw a picture of her earlier and thought the same thing. She looks minimum 40.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

Bahahahaha. Poor girl. I think the hair looks so awful on her. I miss her red-head curvy days. She used to be hot!

paige... paige8608

Hot mess. Ewe. 

nonmember avatar TheSimpleTruth

She looks just like her mom in this pic.

linzemae linzemae

Oh man, that title made me laugh

godde... goddess99

She looks alot older than me and I'm almost 40.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

Eh. i think she's investing in her future business. In a few years, she'll be doing interviews about coming to the other side, and advertizing her health routines and cleanses. But she's gotta look really bad now, so that she'll look really, really good when she's trying to peddle her stuff. Watch. She'll probably come around in a few years.

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