Victoria Beckham Dresses Like Her Baby Girl to Look Posh

When it comes to avoiding the dreaded "mom frump" look, no one seems to do it better than Victoria Beckham. Honestly -- have you ever seen her look anything less than 100 percent put together? I don't think that she could have a bad style day if she tried.

We were all thrilled when Victoria welcomed her fourth child, daughter Harper Seven, especially since her other three kids are boys. As petty as it may sound, Victoria not having at least one girl in her brood would be almost tragic. She needs someone to pass her amazing fashion sense down to!

Harper is well on her way to being a little fashionista, and Victoria has even figured out how to make her own outfits look better by dressing Harper in clothes that complement hers. Totally genius.


Of course, it can be kind of tempting when you have a daughter to dress her like you, but when the two of you start looking way too matchy-matchy, everyone whispers behind your back about how ridiculous you are. Sad, but true.

By taking cues from Beckham, however, moms can learn how to pair their style along with their baby's without having to sacrifice one ounce of fashion. Who knew that kids could actually enhance your whole vibe?

Take a closer look at that photo of Victoria carrying little Harper through the airport. If you zoom in on her skirt, you will notice that there are thin, gray stripes on top of the dark color. Now take a gander at baby Harper's coat. Notice how the color perfectly matches the stripes on the skirt and kind of draws your eye into them? It makes these two so visually pleasing to look at.

Victoria also manages to make sure that she and Harper are both dressed appropriately for wherever they happen to be going. Since this photo was taken as they headed to Fashion Week in New York, both are dressed to impress. Most moms would've put the baby in a onesie and leggings and called it a day. Victoria, on the other hand, realizes that little Harper needs to look chic to hang with her posh mama. If she had been dressed more casually, it would've totally ruined Victoria's look. And that's just a major fashion no-no.

Do you ever dress your child with your own outfit in mind?


Image via Splash

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