The Fashion Week Model Makeover (PHOTOS)

New York Fashion Week

The time is here again, it's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in New York City. The streets are buzzing with the clickety click of tall stilettos, big name designers are spanning across the streets from Amsterdam to York, and extravagant fashion shows galore are underway at the mother mecca in Lincoln Center.

Thanks to Red Door Spas, I had the opportunity to get New York Fashion Week ready on the Red Door Beauty Bus parked right outside all the action. As a gal who has never really gotten a hardcore glam squad treatment before, I was pumped. Would I come out looking like a totally different woman? Would I grow an automatic 4 inches just being around all those dazzling models?

I was hopeful. Thus, into the bus I went ...


First things first, the wretched before shot:

Me before

Yeah, not exactly my best look. I knew I was getting the NYFW treatment today, so I kicked things off this morning with a side braid.

Inside the bus, I was immediately greeted by Red Door's National Makeup Retail Director Lindsay Ebbin. He sat me down, gave me a swanky black robe, and told me we were gonna start with makeup. After removing my pre-existing makeup, it was go-time. Lindsay started by applying concealer and bronzer, and then used three different Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows including two fun purples, Jewel and Vintage, to give me a light smokey eye. According to Lindsay, purples are TOTALLY in for the upcoming season. He finished off my face with a swipe of mauve lip gloss and some light blush. I felt like a diva already.

Next, it was hair time.

Red Door Beauty Bus

Zahir Ziani, Red Door Spa's National Creative Director was the man behind the hairdryer and a wizard with the curling iron. A charming guy, Ziani told me I was as pretty as a Kardashian! HA! I wish it was Fashion Week every week!

Ziani worked his magic on my tresses, giving me stunning loose waves that I adore in literally less than 15 minutes. You can tell that these glam squads know how to get things done in a hurry.

Red Door

Isn't he a doll? With my hair and makeup all done, I was all set and ready to go. Here's the final look:


If this is the model treatment, count me IN baby! It always amazes me how different women can look when someone who knows what they're doing works their magic. Thankfully, the team at Red Door sent me on my way with the names of all of the products they used. Wahooo! At least now there's slight hope I can recreate this look on my own. Looks like this lady's got some shopping to do.

Are you following along with Fashion Week at home? If you had a choice, would you pick to get your hair, makeup, or nails done?


Images via Emily Abbate

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