Couple Buys Entire Jason Wu for Target Collection & Angers Customers (VIDEO)

couple buying jason wuTarget loves fancy designers. And fancy designers love Target. And people love when Target and fancy designers form a collaboration and put out a super cute, super affordable line for us non-rich folk. Especially shady couples who buy up the entire collection in one fell swoop so they can profit off of someone else's hard work.

Shortly after Missoni madness ended, Target announced their partnership with high-end designer, Jason Wu. Everybody knew that Wu would incite a similar mass hysteria to their colorful chevron-printed predecessor, so they braced themselves. People set their alarms, got up early, and readied themselves for a tumultuous day of shopping.

But folks in Miami never got a shot at scoring some cheap designer swag. 'Cause a certain guy and girl bought out the whole collection -- every last bit -- before anyone else could get their hands on it.

Check out the maddening video a peeved customer took of the couple cleaning out the store. So not cool.


Ballsy. And although I've never heard of this, some people are under the impression that Target has a two-item-per-person rule in these types of situations. (If they don't, they totally should.) So, what the heck?

Plain and simple, this is just wrong. It's messed up that these people are going to make money that should be going to Jason Wu and Target, and it's messed up that they're robbing people of the "cheap designer clothes" experience. Hopefully nobody buys their stuff and they're stuck with a house-full of Jason Wu duds for the rest of their lives.

I sort of doubt that will happen, though.

Does this video make you angry?


Image via zsoydaner/Flickr

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