See How Scarlett Johansson Shows Her Love for Obama

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Narciso Rodriguez
I want to show my support for Obama, but I don't have a car -- so I can't get a bumper sticker. And I live in an apartment, so I can't put a little flag thingie in my front lawn. And most political t-shirts just don't quite look right with a blazer. If only they sold cute Obama-supporting swag at H&M!

Well, we're close.

The fashionistas have flocked to design some nifty swag for their favorite president: Check out the Runway to Win collection, designed by the likes of Tory Burch and Alexander Wu. The launch was hosted by Scarlett Johansson and Anna Wintour. Oh what, the celebrity thing hurts Obama's campaign? So what. Is it Obama's fault that fashion designers love him? Might as well embrace the love and make some campaign moneeeee -- and do it stylishly. 'Cause that's how Obama rolls. Here's a few highlights from the collection.



jason wu obamaOh fer cute -- PUT A BIRD ON IT! This one is my favorites, and it's by Jason Wu, of course. $55 is quite a bit steeper than those red, white, and blue t-shirts he's got over at Target, but those are all sold out. And there's plenty of these, still.






rachel roy obamaRachel Roy making patriotism sexy again! I love it. This will look fab over cut-off jeans in August, right?








thakoon obamaOoh, those oversized paisleys are so now, and I love the colors. This scarf is by one of Mrs. O's favorite designers, Thakoon.







monique pean obamaI like Monique Péan's scarf, too. It's an abstracted Obama portrait -- so cool.







nail polish obamaLook -- Obama nail polish! Cuuuute!





All of the totes are great, but I'm torn between these two:

von furstenburg obama
Unabashed woo-hoo by Diane Von Furstenberg

wainwright neville obama bag
Marcus Wianwright & David Neville










Okay Santorum, Newt, Ron, Romney -- where's your loot? Good luck topping this stuff. Enjoy your boring baseball caps and ho-hum t-shirts. I don't who's going to win the election, but I think we all know who's winning the style wars.

What do you think of the Runway to Win collection?


Images via Runway to Win

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