Ke$ha Still Manages to Look Dirty After Makeunder

keshaWe're all into the makeunders these days. XOJane started the trend when they took over the top Jersey girl, Sammi, and turned her into a down to earth, hippie-chic lady of the beach, not the, ahem, shore. Now Glamour's on a makeunder kick. They chose pop star Ke$ha as their puppet and decided to scrape off the layers of glitter and body paint to see what they could find underneath.

I don't know if Glamour is as disappointed as I am with Ke$ha's transformation, but they kind of should be. It's probably one of the least successful makeunders ever completed. The "Tik Tok" singer still looks dirty.


Her hair is a tangley mess, those fishnet nylons make her legs look muddy, and that orange jumpsuit (or is it a dress?) is entirely ill-fitting. She doesn't look bad, but she doesn't look good. And she certainly doesn't look madeunder.

I would've liked to have seen her with her hair blown out, some soft eye makeup, a nice, peachy blush, and an understated lip stain. I think she's a really pretty girl, but this makeunder isn't necessarily showing off what she's got to offer. She looks kind of grimy still, like she literally just woke up and brushed her teeth with a bottle of Jack.

I like Ke$ha's image -- I appreciate that she looks like some glitter-bombed hipster who couch hops and lives off ramen and High Life -- she's certainly one of a kind. And her music? Love most of it. But I hope she eventually gets the makeunder she deserves. I wanna see some photos of this glamazon where she looks soft. Like she woke up in a bed, and ate breakfast, and took a shower. Is that too much to ask?

What do you think of Glamour's photo shoot?


Photo via peterneill/Flickr

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