Jennifer Aniston's Secret Fetish Is What Makes Her So Hot

jennifer anistonJennifer Aniston will be gracing the cover of InStyle's March issue. So, in other words, every other magazine may as well put out a coloring book and crayons, because Jennifer Aniston rules all magazines, people!

This is a fact, not an opinion. The Huffington Post recently unveiled some mag stats on Justin Theroux's lady, and there's hard evidence that the woman is a periodical cash cow. Check it: Her February 2006 cover of InStyle still remains the best-selling issue ever; her July 2011 Marie Claire was the best seller of the year; and according to Forbes, she's the top-selling celebrity face (suck on that, Angie).

But why are we all obsessed with mags with Jen on the cover? Yeah, she's pretty and funny and cool and whatnot, but is there anything else about her that we don't know?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, there is ... In her latest InStyle interview, Jennifer reveals that she's addicted to "laser porn."


What is laser porn, you ask? Well, you'll just have to pick up the March issue of InStyle. Just kidding. I'll tell you. Actually, I'll let Jen tell you. Here's what she had to say on her bizarre fetish: "I'd love to be a dermatologist. I'd be so obsessive about it. I'm fascinated by skin, products, and lasers. I go on the Internet and read all about it. I call it 'laser porn.'" I like it. Laser porn. I, too, love reading about skin products and treatments online, but I never thought to coin a phrase for it.

See, this is why we love Jennifer Aniston, people! This is why we buy magazines with her face on them! 'Cause she's funny. And honest. She's basically saying right here, "I am obsessed with my skin and I don't care who knows it." Of course she's obsessed with her skin -- she's a famous celebrity. All famous celebrities are, but most won't cop to it. Could you imagine Angelina Jolie dropping this tidbit of beauty info in an interview? Hell no you couldn't. Angie would be all, "Most mornings I don't even wash my face, and when I do, I just use whatever the kids are using, which is usually Dial." Bull shit.

I wasn't planning on purchasing the March issue of InStyle, but you know what? I think I just might now. Who knows what other beauty tips and anecdotes she reveals? And I'm going to pore over the spread of Ms. Aniston like there's no tomorrow. After a hot and steamy laser porn session, that is.

What celeb always makes you buy a magazine?


Image via InStyle

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