Rachel McAdams Is Trying Too Hard With This Red Carpet Look

rachel mcadamsThis isn't easy for me to say -- I'm a hardcore Rachel McAdams fan -- but the 33-year-old star didn't look so good at The Vow premiere last night. She usually kills it on the red carpet so I don't know what happened here. Did she hire a new stylist? Was she super tired and thought that caking on the makeup would help? Was she rendered momentarily crazy by a rogue lightning bolt that struck her while she was blow drying her hair? I have no idea, and no words to describe just how un-Rachel she looked last night.

From the thick foundation to the heavy eyes to the even heavier lips to the dark hair roots, she left a lot to be desired.

What happened to the girl whose style we adored and whose fashions we coveted?


I guess we can cut her some slack -- this is her first red carpet flub, well, ever. She just set the bar so high that, as they said in her movie Wedding Crashers, "big tree fall hard." The higher she climbed on our fashion ladder, the worse her inevitable fall was going to be.

Nevertheless, it seems like she tried too hard with this look -- the only subtle thing about it is the dress color, which consequently washes her out. It kind of made her look a little sickly pale, and that's never a good thing. And her makeup -- yeesh. Everyone knows that you either focus on the eyes or the mouth, not both. Let this be a lesson to those out there who think they can pull off accentuation on both features -- if Rachel can't even do it, there's no way you can, either.

The only good thing about this flop is that she's gotten it out of her system. You can't be perfect all the time, so we'll just chalk this up to a crazy fluke. Now. Can she go back to being a fashion maven, please?

What do you think of Rachel's look?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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