Jennifer Lopez Should Wear Her Bare-All Grammy Dress Again

Jennifer Lopez looks beyond amazing after having twins. Did you see her wearing that belly-baring shirt on American Idol a couple weeks ago? Holy hot mama! How in the heck do her abs look like that after carrying two babies at the same time?

J. Lo has always been a huge source of fashion inspiration for many women, and we all envy the fact that she isn't afraid to take risks with her style choices. Remember that super low-cut green dress she wore to the Grammys back when she was dating P. Diddy (or Puff Daddy or Diddy or whoever he was at that point in time)?

That dress was ridiculous, but in a totally good way. And it may be on display now at the Grammy Museum in L.A. instead of hanging in Jen's closet, but she says she'd still wear it if she had it. And I say, good for her! She should wear it, and she shouldn't have to worry about being "too sexy" as a mother.


For whatever reason, so many moms think they have to completely surrender their "sexy" after having kids. It's almost like the minute we become responsible for a pint-sized human being, we assume that means we have to live in yoga pants and jeans and cover up every single square inch of flesh so people don't think we're trashy. What's the deal with that? News flash -- moms are still women!

Being parents doesn't make us any less desirable. In fact, it should make us appreciate our incredible bodies further and want to show them off even more. Just look at what we are capable of!

Moms should look to Jennifer Lopez as the perfect example of a confident woman who is comfortable and happy in her own skin. She knows she looks good, and she isn't afraid to show off what she's got. But being truly sexy isn't about rock-hard abs or plunging necklines. It's about believing in who you are and being proud of yourself. And that's the most attractive style of all.

Do you think moms should stop looking sexy after they have kids?


Image via Scott Gries/Getty

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