Justin Bieber Surprises Fans With ... PROACTIV?! (VIDEO)

Justin BieberIt is every young teenager's fantasy.

Justin Bieber shows up at your doorstep to surprise you!!!


But then, it all goes downhill.

Because the Biebs didn't come empty-handed. Oh no.

He came to bring you a year's supply of PROACTIV.




See the video after the jump.


I will say this -- it was a brilliant idea for a commercial. I watched it in its entirety, on pins and needles, wondering how these girls would react to seeing Justin Bieber at their front door.

But I have to admit, if I were one of them (I'm channeling an image of Ricky Schroder at my 13-year-old door right now), the moment would fall a little flat once I realized he came bearing a year's supply of acne medication.


Perhaps the moment would have been made a little sweeter if he'd also brought them a dozen red roses. Or a diamond necklace. He could have handed them the romantic gift first, THEN said, "Oh and by the way, I thought you might want ayearssupplyofproactivtoohereyougo."


What do you think about this Proactiv publicity stunt?  

Is it the moment every teenage girl dreams of?

Or is receiving acne medication from your ultimate idol ... sort of a nightmare?


Screengrab via YouTube

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