Lindsay Lohan's Poodle Coat Is a Furry Fashion Flop

lindsay lohan coatLindsay Lohan landed in New York City on Monday wearing either a dead poodle or a slayed polar bear. Can't really tell -- her white coat with its fuzzies here and poofies there could've been made from either hide. Or, on the other hand, maybe it was made of fancy fabric and was sewn together by orphaned Inuits. Anything's possible when it comes to the fashions, er, non-fashions that Ms. Lohan wears.

It's just hard to discern whether she paid thousands of dollars for this coat, or if she found it in a dumpster covered in bed bugs, or if she killed an animal with her bare hands then threw the carcass around her shoulders.

Point is, her coat is hulking mess.


But more power to her, she is one fearless woman. It takes a lot of courage to wear something like that. Especially when people are already a little wary of your sanity slash sobriety. It's like she's saying in your face to all the haters out there -- she doesn't care what we think. Nor should she.

What she should care about, though, is the millions of threads of fabric that were harmed in the making of this hideous piece of outerwear. It's a crime against fashion, and humanity. It would've been worse if the coat was pink or something, but at the same time, maybe some color would've made Lindsay look less like a white-washed disaster. From her white hair to her white skin to her white coat, LiLo looked completely wiped out.

So. What do you think of the coat?


Photo via Splash News

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