Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans Are Too Fruity for Guys

Naked & Famous Denim raspberry scented jeansGenerally if you were to tell me your jeans cost $150, I wouldn't think anything of it. Sure, that's a hefty price tag, but for an item of clothing many of us wear three times a week at least, I'd say it's worth the splurge. If you were to tell me, however, that your jeans cost $150 and they were scratch 'n' snuff, I'd straight up ask you what you were smoking when you bought them.

Introducing Scratch-n-Sniff "Weird Guy" jeans from Naked & Famous Denim. Retailing for $150 on their website, these dark indigo wash jeans for men have a scented coating that lasts up to five washes, depending on how often you wear and wash 'em.

Since they're men's jeans, naturally someone would sniff and expect a certain spiciness, maybe with hints of lemon, honey, or even coriander. Nope. Ready for it? Raspberry. They're RASPBERRY SCENTED PANTS. For. Men.

I have to ask: what woman in her right mind would be romantically involved with a man who smells like rasp-freakin'-berry? Answer: none.


Plain and simple: Scratch 'n' sniff jeans are a ridiculous concept. What happens if the wearer gets some sort of something on their pants, say, like, coffee, and then they go to scratch the spot to get off the stain? Woooooof, there's that annoying raspberry smell. Sounds absolutely dreadful to me. Not to mention, since these trousers are scented, wouldn't you think that they could attract the attention of one-too-many annoying insects? Can you imagine watching flies buzz around your man's package? Awkward. 

There are so many better smell options the designer could have gone with here, too. If the scent has to be food related -- then personally I'd be more down with a whiff of peanut butter every once and a while or, mmmm, chocolate. If the scratch 'n' sniff world was my oyster, though, I'd be a happy lady if they could infuse some Burberry cologne into the denim equation. Delish!

What do you think of the scratch 'n' sniff jeans?


Image via Tate + Yoko

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