Kristen Stewart's Custom Vans Are an Embarrassment

VansKristen Stewart pretty much epitomizes the term "bershon."

She really couldn't be more bored by us, the bothersome Little People. Her primary goal in life, it seems, is convincing the world that she is waaaaay too cool to care.

And if I had any illusions that her constant pouting and eye-rolly expressions were merely a front for major insecurity, the sneakers she "custom designed" as a 'Custom Culture Ambassador' for Vans put those suspicions to rest.

Take a look.

Really, Kristen? Was this the best you could do?

What gets me is that these sneakers are supposed to artistically inspire high schoolers. Way to let them know how much you care, Kris.

Luckily, the other celebs who agreed to take part in this project took their duties a little more seriously. Check out the amazing results after the jump!

VansThese are from musician Kenan Bell.


VandThese are from Lauren Conrad and Maura McManus ...


VansAnd I love these, from artist Aaron Axelrod.


VansEven comedian Andy Richter put SOME effort into his pair. That's all anyone expects.

The shoes are meant to inspire high school students to enter Vans' Custom Culture contest -- schools are asked to customize a pair of white Vans and the winning school will receive a $50,000 prize for their art program.

Pretty awesome, right?

Let's just assume now that Kristen's pair is a prime example of what NOT to submit as an entry.

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What do you think of Kristen's customized Vans?


Images via Vans

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keriley1 keriley1

They are PERFECT for her. Boring. Plain.

daerc... daerca574

seems to me she took the lazy way out!  Booo!!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Lazy for sure but I think they're the least tacky of the lot.

nikol... nikolita87

I have such a love/hate relationship with her. I want to like her but this kind of crap is what really gets on my nerves. She seems like a really ungrateful person.

Whitn... WhitneySM

Ugh, she needs to just go away.

MamaM... MamaMandee

Knowing it was to inspire kids and just doing that is really disappointing! 

nonmember avatar PROUD MOMMY

Terrible... But I love LC's they are SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!

godde... goddess99

They are ok if you are a child.

nonmember avatar Mrs. Clark

I love the lauren Conrad shoes, they are so cute! As far as kristen Stewart, that was just lazy. She does always seem to have this bad attitude. Golly, if u didn't want to be famous then just go away.

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