Katy Perry Nails This New French Manicure Trend

katy perry nailsI have to say it: I hate a French manicure. I don't know, something about them is just so boughetto, especially the ones you get glued on at the nail salon. They're kinda slutty but kinda fancy yet sort of serious ... I can't wrap my brain around a style that's appropriate for a New Jersey junior prom yet also wearable in a business boardroom. Like, what is that about.

But there's a new French manicure style that's making the rounds that I kind of like. Katy Perry rocked it recently and it looked really cool. It plays more toward the trashy side, which I appreciate, and it's more than a little fun. But then again, blue polish with rhinestones can never not be fun, you know?


Katy's been a style question mark for her whole career -- one minute she's got blue hair, the next she's got pink, then she's wearing a cupcake dress, then a Smurfette one ... she's hard to keep up with. And in a good way. I like that she changes things up on the regs and has fun with fashion. These nails are totally in her wheel house, and I'm bout 'em bout 'em.

I loved the half-moon mani that was hot there for a quick second, so it makes sense that this riff on the French manicure caught my eye. Anything that's a play on tradition is always fun to experiment with. The color possibilities are endless -- I love Katy's blue, but it would also look awesome with hot pink, specifically Essie's Pink Parka. Sweet, right?

I'm excited to give this style a whirl -- are you?


Photo via Jeff Botarri/Getty

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