Kelly Clarkson's New Look Stuns at Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 46

Last night's Super Bowl was jam-packed with all sorts of fun stuff. Between gawking at how overly handsome Tom Brady is and laughing at one-too-many fantastic Super Bowl commercials, I have to admit I had a pretty good time watching all the action even though my Patriots lost. While the night had its fair share of surprises (thanks in part to M.I.A.'s rebellious addition to Madonna's halftime show), I'd have to say that the biggest one of 'em all was Kelly Clarkson's performance of the National Anthem. Not only was her voice fan-freakin'-tastic, but hellooooooo, do you see how amazing she looks?

Talk about a 180 from the Jessica Rabbit red dress at the American Music Awards, eh?


Everything about Kelly Clarkson rocked last night. First, let's start with the dress. Is this not the ultimate example that you can never go wrong with the perfect little black number? The cut on it totally flattered her figure, and the short sleeves and length of the dress made it super sophisticated. Her black pumps are another classy addition, not too high, not too short -- juuuust right.

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Then, of course we HAVE to talk about the bangs. I'm not one for bangs myself (curly hair + bangs = nightmare) however, the cut and style work REALLY well with Clarkson's face shape. To finish it all off, the makeup was perfect and her voice, well, that sealed the deal for me. In my mind, Clarkson totally wins the MVP (Most Valuable Performer) of the night.

Miss out on Kelly's performance? Not to worry. Watch Kelly Clarkson sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVI, here:

What did you think of Kelly's Super Bowl look?


Image via Chippoluax/YouTube

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