Madonna's Super Bowl Outfit Was a Complete Fumble

madonnaMadonna's Super Bowl halftime show. We seem to be a nation (semi) divided on how it was. Some of us think her Superbowl performance went off like gangbusters. Some of us think Madge looked "old" and "awkward" (Twitter's words, not mine). And some of us (me) think the show was just meh -- not a complete disaster, and nothing to write home about.

The one thing I think we can all agree on, though, is the outfit Madonna chose for the event. That wasn't "meh" by any means. That was downright awful.


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First off, there was the complete predictability of her choice in clothes. Of course she wore leather, of course she wore black, of course everything was short and tight. It would have been so nice to have seen the original Queen of Pop in something, well, original. She didn't need to go Lady-Gaga outlandish, but a splash of color or something long-sleeved would have been nice. Because it would have been different.

Then there were her shoes. Sorry, her boots. Her very sexy, very tall thigh-high leather boots. Yes, they were amazing and gorgeous, and obviously quadruple the price of my rent, but by no means were they made for walking. And they especially weren't made for dancing.

Throughout the performance, Madonna looked stiff, kind of nervous, like she was bracing herself for a trip or fall at any moment (which did happen). If she would have worn something less va-va-voom and more functional, perhaps her performance would have gone better. At the very least, she would have looked more comfortable.

Word of advice for ol' Madge: Save the sky-high heels for the red carpet, and the flats and wedges for the stage. Don't worry, we all know you've still got it.

What did you think of Madonna's outfit during her performance?


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