Reese Witherspoon Is Hiding Something Behind Her Bangs

How cute is Reese Witherspoon with her new bangs? Not everyone can pull off having a super-straight hairstyle and a fringe like hers without looking like a 12-year-old girl, but Reese's new 'do looks super chic and current.

Bangs definitely seem to be coming back "in" as far as hair fads go, but Reese didn't go for them because she's trying to be trendy or look younger or anything like that. She actually had a pretty practical reason for wanting her hair in her eyes -- she has a scar on her forehead that she wanted to hide!


Remember a few months ago when Reese was hit by a car? No, really, I'm serious. She totally got hit by a car while jogging. Yikes!

While she escaped the accident without any serious injuries, she fell right on her head after being struck and wound up with a decent-size scar as a souvenir. Hence the decision to go for bangs. You've gotta give her major props for making the best out of a facial flaw that she had no control over getting stuck with.

Bangs are really one of those "love 'em or hate 'em" kinds of hairstyles. While it can be incredibly annoying to have to brush them out of your face all the time, they definitely beat wearing a Band-Aid on your forehead, which Reese did a time or two to try to cover up that scar. Leave it to her to come up with another fun, adorable, and way less sticky solution.

Working with what you've got is a great lesson in style for any woman, as we all have certain features we're not thrilled with. Of course, we are all just way too critical of ourselves and can learn a thing or two from Reese about doing the best we can with the cards we're dealt. Instead of griping and moaning about our faces being too round (I'm guilty of this), we should use that shape as an excuse to try out a fun layered bob. Or instead of getting all bent out of shape about a mid-forehead zit that popped up at the most inopportune time, how about throwing on a baseball cap and calling it a day? Better yet, do what Reese did: Get yourself a nice set of bangs.

Do you have a facial feature that you can't stand?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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