Nab That Jason Wu for Target: Your Shopping Strategy

jason wu targetIs it me, or does it seem like some sort of crazy coincidence that Jason Wu's Target line launches on Super Bowl Sunday? It's like they're giving the football widows something to do... anyway, if you wait until the game actually starts to pick up your own super-femme dresses and separates you are going to be much too late! Rumor has it this line will fly out of stores even faster than that Missoni did.

I didn't mind missing out on the Missoni for Target. But Jason Wu? Mama like! Mama need. So I'm planning my strategy to nab me some Wu before it all sells out.


If you don't live in a major metropolitan area, you can probably wake up tomorrow morning at a reasonable hour, eat a civilized breakfast at the table, and head on over to your local Target after opening time to pick up what you want. Lucky you. Please pick up a few dresses for me?

  • I live in Brooklyn, which means there will be a stampede of the most aggressive fashionistas ever assembled: NYC + cheap fashion = mad house. You know some shoppers will be camping out there tonight. That's why I'm planning to shop online.
  • I'm getting my ducks in a row -- or my dresses, as the case may be. I've been reviewing the line, deciding which pieces I definitely want. I'm making a list. That way, when I go online I can go directly to what I want without dithering around deciding. 
  • I may buy three sizes. I'm not sure I'll actually do this, but I've heard of women buying their size, a size up, and a size down, just in case the sizing is off. Then you return the sizes that don't fit after you receive your order.
  • Start checking the website around midnight, ET. They haven't said exactly what time the sales open online, but it's supposed to be "early" Sunday. If it's not up then, I may set my alarm to go off every hour, on the hour, and keep refreshing my browser. JASON WU TARGET RIGHT HEYAH.
  • If I miss the sale anyway, or if everything I want still sells out before I get to it? I'll keep refreshing for a bit -- sometimes people will put stuff in their baskets, and then take them back out again. Failing that, I'll wait a week or so for all those extra sizes everyone bought to return to stores. Hey, you never know. Maybe they won't all end up on eBay.

UPDATE: Follow their Twitter feed for the latest. They're releasing items bit by bit. I managed to grab a dress at 2 a.m. LOL.

Are you planning to buy anything from Jason Wu for Target?


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