Asking Reese Witherspoon About Plastic Surgery Is Just Plain Wrong

reese witherspoon glamour uk march 2012When I saw the trailer for Reese Witherspoon's upcoming flick This Means War, I thought, "Sweet, they're still casting her as the gorgeous object of -- not just one, but TWO -- guys' affection!" As opposed to someone's ... grandmother. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you know how in Hollywood, 35 is practically the new 75. And Reese turns 36 this March! Plus, she's a mom to kiddos Ava and Deacon, so all in all, I was impressed that she's still scoring sexy leading lady roles you'd think would be reserved for, oh, I don't know, Dakota Fanning or Miley Cyrus!

Still, Reese can't seem to escape all age-related actress stereotypes. The star appears on the March cover of Glamour UK and, inside, dishes about plastic surgery. Because, apparently, one of the go-to questions for an almost 36-year-old mom is always, "Aren't you feeling OLD?? Isn't it time to go under the knife?!"


Reese's answer was totally satisfying. She said:

I'm not for it. I'm not against it. I have plenty of friends who do stuff and if it makes you feel good, great ... but I don't think it's the fix for some sort of unease that you're having about who you are as a human being. I don't think I need plastic surgery at this point: Can we just go day-by-day on that one?

Love it -- honest, fair, to the point. Bravo. But hold up a minute. There's an issue here she was too sweet, I'm sure, to address, and that's how lame-o it is that we're even asking a woman her age about plastic surgery. What the hell kind of plastic surgery could Reese Witherspoon possibly need?

First of all, she still looks like she's 10 years younger than she really is. (That's one of the pluses about being petite!) Second, she says she's embraced the body she now has after having two kids. She says it's the body she's earned and she's "still strong and healthy." And I love that she noted, "You start to have a different respect for your body the older you get. Instead of tearing yourself apart all the time, you start to go 'Oh wow.'" Yeah!

It galls me the way we/Hollywood/media expect all celebrities to constantly be zapping, injecting, suctioning their faces and bodies, no matter how young or old they are, no matter what shape they're in, and no matter how they currently feel about their looks. Good for Reese for saying plastic surgery is something she plans to play by ear instead of doing it without question. Maybe some celebs need it, but there are plenty who -- at least right now -- don't.

Do you expect that most celebs, like Reese, will ultimately have some sort of plastic surgery (even if it's just a little Botox)?


Image via Glamour Magazine UK

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