4 Reasons Military 'Birth Control Glasses' Shouldn't Get the Boot

Army 'Birth Control' Glasses

When you think of the military, you don't exactly think stylish, trendy, or fashionable -- right? That's exactly why it's a tad ironic that, for years now, they've actually been ahead of the fashion curve with their standard issue Birth Control Glasses (BCGs). OK, that's not their real name. Technically referred to as "S9s," the brown thick-rimmed prescription glasses allegedly make the wearer "so unattractive" that snagging a member of the opposite sex is pretty darn hard.

Now, the military is swapping out their old "unattractive" specs for smaller, thinner framed "5A" glasses. If you ask me, I think someone must have forgot to put their glasses on. Hellooooo! Men in thick-rimmed glasses are H-O-T.


I can't help myself. I have always had this lame crush on men that wear dark-framed glasses. You know the ones I'm talking about, don't you? Think Clark Kent style, thick frames. A regular average Joe wearing them? Cute. But GOSH! A man in uniform wearing them? I'm actually drooling just thinking about it. Plus, they're so much better than the new ones:

New Glasses
New '5A' military glasses

Thus, I present you with four GOOD reasons why the military shouldn't kill off Birth Control Glasses:

1. They're so in! Seriously, everyone is rockin' thick-rimmed frames lately, even if they don't need a prescription (I'm totally guilty). Stores like Forever 21 and H&M are selling inexpensive, non-prescription pairs, which means they've got to be cool, right?

2. A good pair of glasses help their wearer friends, not enemies. As I said, men and women who wear thick-rimmed glasses don't only look uber attractive, but inherently look a tad more intelligent. Sport a pair of the old BCGs out on the field, and you automatically have a conversation piece.

3. They work! I'm all for the old saying "If something's not broken, don't fix it." Our soldiers have been wearing these glasses for years now, and they seemed to be doing just fine. What's the point of mixing them up now?

4. More coverage area. This one's not rocket science. Bigger glasses = more coverage. More coverage = more eye protection. Shouldn't protection be our No. 1 concern?

Do you think men who wear glasses are sexy?


Photo courtesy U.S. Army

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