Keira Knightley’s Self-Tanning Mishap Has an Orange-Silver Lining

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley's self-tanning mishap
There seems to be a serious beauty blunder sweeping Hollywood these days, and it isn't pretty: Self-tanning mishaps. It was only a few days ago that Christina Aguilera performed "At Last" at Etta James' funeral -- while trails of brown oily tanning cream dripped down her leg, causing a flurry of online mockery and speculation. And now we've got the usually-classy Keira Knightley. And her blotchy, spotty back.

Keira stepped out on Tuesday for the premiere of A Dangerous Method looking gorgeous as always. The actress donned a fitted, deep red Burberry gown, Chanel jewels, and Louboutin heels. But when she turned around to model the open back for photographers, it was a spray-tan-gone-wrong extravaganza.

Can you see it? Do you see the cacophony of orange and milky white swirls on Ms. Knightley's back? What happened there? Wasn't there a stylist or a co-executive spray tanner around to spot the faux pas and say, "Hey, maybe you should change dresses or throw on a shawl or stand against a wall all night?" How could this have happened twice in one Hollywood week?

I guess the bright side of these bronzing mistakes is that female celebrities are eschewing real tans or real fake tans from salons in favor of lotions and creams these days. Of course, nothing will ever beat the genuine, golden-brown glow one gets from baking in the sun for hours on end -- at least in my opinion -- but hey, these are much safer. People just need to learn how to apply them. I know celebs are trend-setters and all, but I don't think oily brown liquid dripping down one's leg will ever really catch on.

Do you ever use self-tanning creams or lotions? Have you ever gotten a spray tan?


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nonmember avatar JustMe

I don't really care for tanning, real or fake. I think skin should just hang out as it's natural color. You're taking a real chance using the spray on stuff for such a high-profile event, and the real tanning will eventually kill you or make you look 1,000 years old.

amand... amanda_mom89

I don't tan or put fake tan on. I am very fair skinned and my husband finds that an attractive quality about me.

When people comment about how white my skin is I simply comment "yes. That's the color it was when I was born and that's the way it's staying."

I don't understand the fascination with tanning at all.

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