Dianna Agron Rocks a Crown Braid: Get the Look (VIDEO)

Diana AgronI wanted to BE Dianna Agron at the SAG Awards on Sunday night.

Not only did she look amazing in a gorgeous fuchsia Carolina Herrera gown, but her hair!

I was loving the braid-as-headband look she was rocking. And she was just one of several celebs sporting the look that night --

Kaley Cuoco, Busy Philipps, and Renee Bargh all wore crown braids as well (you can see all of the looks here), and I honestly can't decide which of them looked best.

This is a lovely look for spring and summer, and it's actually fairly easy to do yourself, particularly if you have longer hair.

If you have shorter hair, you might just want to invest in a braided headband that closely matches the color of your own hair.

YouTube has several great tutorials on crown braids. Check them out after the jump -- then tell me in the comments if you'll try this look out!


For those of you with super long hair, this look couldn't be easier to get. Check out this tutorial:

For medium-length hair, the look takes some practice, but it is possible to get a pretty, Dianna Agron-style crown braid updo:

She makes it look so easy, doesn't she?!

UltaIf you have short hair or you're pressed for time, you can simply buy a braided headband. These Thin Braidies (Ulta, $8) are totally inexpensive and come in four colors. I've seen similar braided bands at the drugstore in the haircare section. If it's matched up to your hair color, no one will ever know it's not your real hair!

So ... what do you think of the crown braid?


Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images, Ulta

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