Sofia Vergara Isn't 'Most Desirable' Only Because of Her Breasts

Sofia Vergara is being hailed yet again for her amazing curves now that she's been named the hottest woman of 2012 by

The 39-year-old mom and Modern Family actress landed at the top of a list featuring some incredibly high-profile names, including Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton, Rooney Mara, and Kim Kardashian. But despite such stiff competition from those younger stars, few would be surprised that men find Sofia totally hot. What guy wouldn't drool over that voluptuous body?

So while there's no doubt that Sofia's sexy figure helped win her the most votes, she also has a secret weapon for looking her best and exuding the confidence needed to be crowned queen of all hotties.


Her spot-on fashion sense and knowing what works for her figure is what really did the trick.

Unlike many of her counterparts in Hollywood, Sofia doesn't base her bold style choices on what other celebrities are wearing or what happens to be trendy during any given season. Instead, she opts for pieces that flatter her body shape, making her appear even more attractive.

Because she's curvy, Sofia tends to choose fitted looks rather than the looser, flowy garments that are popular among celebs these days. By wearing clothes that hug her body rather than hide it, she's able to show off her best assets without looking cheap or flashy.

While walking the red carpet, Sofia is often seen in strapless gowns that showcase her hourglass figure versus the A-line or Empire cuts that would make her look larger than she actually is. While those styles flatter pear-shaped and slim women, they tend to add bulk to those who don't need any help in the curves department. Sofia really knows how to flaunt what she's got and she plays up her best features instead of drawing attention away from them. That's a great tactic we can all use when getting dressed, regardless of our shape.

It's hard enough for moms to keep up with fashion trends, let alone be able to adapt and alter them each and every season. Vergara inspires us to stick to clothes that suit our body types -- and that's the best style advice of all.

Do you keep up with style trends as they change, or do you opt for classic pieces that fit your body? 


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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