Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Is Skinny Now, Deal With It

Dealing with weight fluctuations is something that pretty much every woman goes through at one point or another during her life. And when that number on the scale does plunge, the last thing we gals want to hear is people questioning our motivation behind wanting to slim down.

Most women are given a huge pat on the back followed by exclamations of "You Go Girl!" after losing a few pounds and adapting a healthier lifestyle, but former plus-sized model Crystal Renn is sure taking a lot of heat for dropping from a size 14 to a size 6.


Crystal Renn is getting way more than slight criticism about her new, thinner frame. She has former colleagues basically demanding an explanation for why she felt the need to whittle her waistline. It seems as though the only justification some are willing to accept, however, is that she was looking to make a few extra bucks off the pounds she lost.

Madeline Jones, PLUS Model magazine's Editor in Chief, told Radar Online:

She should have said she wasn’t comfortable in her skin anymore and wanted to make more money. Instead she has deceived us and we feel insulted! It would be great for her to come out with a better explanation, though I doubt we will get one.

Ms. Jones' frustrations really seem to go a little bit deeper than being upset that Crystal has booked more modeling gigs since dropping a few sizes. She is suggesting money was the main source of motivation for Crystal's amazing body transformation. Could it be that good ol' dollar signs are also the reason Ms. Jones is calling Crystal's bluff?

It sounds like Crystal was once a great inspiration for readers of PLUS Model magazine. Jones seemed to think pretty highly of her before her weight loss:

After Emme, Crystal was the biggest plus size supermodel in our era and a lot of readers aspired to be like her.

Was Crystal Renn also a huge source of revenue for the publication? It sure sounds like it. The bigger issue here may be a noticeable drop in magazine subscriptions, not Crystal's new dress size.

Does any woman really need to offer up a reason for wanting to look and feel better about her body?


Image via Mike Coppola/Getty

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