Michelle Obama's Lingerie Shopping Spree Is Phony Baloney

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michelle obamaDid Michelle Obama spend $50,000 on fancy lingerie at Agent Provocateur? OMG, DID SHE?!? Enquiring minds want to know! And the answer is, NO. Of course she didn't. But that didn't stop the Telegraph from claiming it in a blog post anyway.

Mrs. O paid a visit to the shop with the Queen of Qatar, Sheikha Mozah, last year, and we don't really know how much they spent -- or if Michelle bought anything at all. As for that $50K claim, I don't know where the Telegraph got that figure. Probably out of their a** They must have extrapolated something from the retailer's market reports or maybe just attributed Sheikha Mozah's bill to the First Lady.

Here's what the White House press secretary Jay Carney had to say about the story:

At least when I was a reporter, usually the standard for British tabloid reporting was the assumption that it was false. In this case, it’s utterly false, and it’s irresponsible of an American news organization to repeat the story, even allowing that it could be true. So it’s wrong.

A representative for Agent Provocateur told the Daily Mail, "Recent claims regarding Michelle Obama and purchases made at an Agent Provocateur boutique are incorrect."

And let's do a little math. Undies at Agent Provocateur can run around $200 each. So let's say the First Lady went bananas and bought a two-week supply: That's $2,800. Quite the splurge, but we're a long ways from $50K. There are a few $1,000 nighties. So let's say she bought, what, 50 of them? I'm sorry, I just can't take this seriously anymore. I'm with The Gloss: I think the story is bogus.

I'm sure there are people out there who are so down on the Obamas in general that they'll believe any ludicrous nonsense about Mrs. O. Haters gonna hate! But you know what? I kind of hope the First Lady did pick up a few frilly things while she was there. If I could drop that kind of coin on Agent Provocateur froufrou, I definitely would. Who am I to deny the First Lady a little indulgence?

Do you think it's any of your business how much the First Lady spends on her underwear?


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nonmember avatar Brooke

I'm no fan of the Obamas, but speculating about how much she spends on undies? Unnecessary.

bills... billsfan1104

I dont like the Obamas and disagree with them with almost everything, but 50k on underroos, seems a little excessive. But if she did spend a few thousand on undies, the press has every right to slam her and take a look into it with the same ferociousnous they did with Sarah Palin and her wardrobe. But they should be taken to task for inflating number.

PonyC... PonyChaser

First, I think it's hilarious that you're using one British Tabloid (The Daily Mail) to debunk another (The Telegraph).

Second, my issue is not with Mrs. O - because I find that number ridiculous - but once again, with the press. Do they not have ANY standards anymore? Any at all? We've witnessed EXTREME bias (on both sides, but mostly left-leaning) in print and on television. It is pathetic the job they do; reporting baldface lies with a straight face.

On the other hand, I agree with BillsFan that, if she DID spend a ridiculous amount of money on lingerie (and I consider $1K on a single piece of lingerie to be beyond ridiculous), she should be taken to task for it, much like Nancy Reagan was, when she wore expensive designer gowns.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

Pssst.  "INQUIRING minds want to know."  Unless you're British, in which case I'll forgive you.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

If she spent the Obama's money, I don't care if she spent twice that on crotchless panties and peek-a-boo bras. 

nonmember avatar newsbird

Well, she can't buy anything off the rack... custom made for her ..everything has to be made super tight and too small.

doll0302 doll0302

I disagree that she should be taken to task about any money she spends. Sarah Palin spent contributers money on clothing. It was public knowledge. The Obamas have their own money, and I think people forget that. They did have great jobs, and a few books have been written, so I think they are ok financially.

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