This Spring Hair Trend Is Easy and Affordable (PHOTOS)

LongchampOne look at any fashion magazine this month will show you an upcoming spring hair trend that I'm LOVING.

Check out Coco Rocha's messy updo in Longchamp's latest ad, held back with an elasticized headband.

It's a classy, feminine look that's also very mom-friendly.

I'm thinking I could do this 'do in under five minutes, and I love that the headband can offer a little volume and interest in the front -- I hate that slicked-back look.

Check out more photos of this pretty hair trend and find out where to get the look for less ... after the jump!

Then tell me in the comments if you'll be sporting this look in the spring!



Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is also featuring the hairstyle in its spring ad campaign -- and plenty of high fashion designers are offering crystal and feather-embellished elasticized hairbands right now for up to $900!

However, it's possible to get the look for far, far less.

Obviously, your drugstore will have simple elasticized hairbands for only a few dollars, and those work just fine -- but if you want something a little more upscale, check out these options ...

TopshopI'm crazy about this delicate swallow headband (Topshop, $20). It is now on my wishlist.


NordstromAnd this Tasha Vintaged Crystal Headband (Nordstrom, $38) is calling my name!


ASOSThis French Connection Three-Chain Headband (ASOS, $14.32 on sale) comes at a great price.


ASOSAnd this Lipsy Floral Garden Style Headband (ASOS, $21.49) may be my favorite of the bunch.

Suddenly, I'm getting very excited about spring!

How about you? Will you rock this look when the weather gets warmer?


Images via Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Topshop, Nordstrom, ASOS, ASOS

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AGrlF... AGrlFromIpanema

LOVE Coco's hair in the ad! I've long been dying to learn how to do that perfectly messy/loose updo (literally exactly like hers) but can never find someone who can show me. Like you, I love updos but haaate anything too slick and smoothed. I know there's a fair amount of teasing involved for something like this, along with a few other products and tricks. Perhaps you can do a how-to? :)

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I have never been able to keep one of those headbands to stay put on my head. They ALWAYS slide backwards and off. I DO have a big skull. Not sure if that's the prob.
It just sucks because I REALLY want to wear them, but they slide RIGHT off my dang head!
Please tell me I'm not the only one--that I'm just doing something wrong. That theres some headband procedure I'm not following, and if I just know what it is, I can enjoy beautiful headbands, too.

nonmember avatar Rubik

I saw this a long time ago on "Wendy's Look Book" tutirial videos on YouTube. She's the girl that had the cute video "25 Ways To Tie A Scarf". Her video can show you an easy way to do this look. I'm mobile and dont feel like looking at my You Tube favorites.

emmymama emmymama

Jaxmadre, you are not aloooone! I have the same problem with  them sliding back until they fall off. I'm thinking there must be some hairpins involved, but not sure of the procedure either. I would love to see a tutorial. I will look on YouTube when I get a moment...

godde... goddess99

Very cute for me or my dd.

I like!

Samal... Samallama

Jaxmadre, I was about to say pretty much the same thing as you. How on earth do they do it?

nonmember avatar Rubik

@emmymama - thanks!

suziejax suziejax

its cute but prob wont work for me?

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