Christina Aguilera's Self-Tanner Mishap Is for Amateurs


Christina AguileraSelf tanner running down Christina Aguilera's legsSo, Christina Aguilera killed it at Etta James' funeral with her rendition of "At Last." It was respectful, heartfelt, and totally classy. Something that wasn't totally classy about the pop star's performance, though, was the dark brown, oily substance running down her legs -- which, FYI, was only self-tanner.

Whether it was due to excessive sweating because of nerves, excessive sweating because of the unseasonably hot weather in California, or plain old cheap, crappy self-tanner, this never should have happened. Not to Christina. Not to anyone.

I'm all about self-tanner. Seriously, I love it. Yeah, it's a pain in the butt to apply, but when done right, it's a fantastic alternative to the real, cancer-causing, wrinkle-inducing deal. But "done right" is the imperative phrase here, people. Self-tanning lotions, creams, sprays, and towels can be your best friend when you're in need of some color -- or your orange arch-nemesis.

First thing's first when applying self-tanner: Exfoliation. I'm sure you've heard this before -- and I'm sure you've ignored this crucial step, as it's sort of annoying -- but, trust me, it's essential. Exfoliation is the one thing that can give you a gorgeous, even-toned, long-lasting tan job. Just buy a bottle of cheapo St. Ives and go for it in the shower. Your legs will thank you.

Next, don't do the self-tanning thing if you've got a party or event that day. Do it a day or two before. (The two-day rule especially applies if you're going for a professional spray tan.) You don't want to just throw on a coat of whatever and head out the door -- most likely, it will rub off onto your clothes. Or, as in Christina's rare (weird) case, drip down your leg.

I feel bad for Christina. Not only did this embarrassing mishap occur while she was paying tribute to one of her idols, she's now the subject of many an Internet joke. But it was totally avoidable. This didn't have to happen to her. She should have just applied the stuff two days before her performance. And, of course, exfoliated.

Have you ever had an embarrassing self-tanning blunder? Do you self-tan at all?


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momto... momtolittleg

I was too distracted by the fact that she was dressed like a WHORE for a funeral to notice the drips. Ugh. What a train wreck.

DebaLa DebaLa

^ Yeah, that was not respectful. Wearing the color black doesn't give you a pass.

bills... billsfan1104

I heard about this and I didnt beleive it. Maybe she was sweating really bad, maybe she tinkled on herself a little. You never know.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

She's a mess!

Toots789 Toots789

What momtolittleg said was my thoughts exactly!!!  She's turned into a train wreck and I would like for her to straighten up before her child gets old enough to notice his nasty mother!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I like her and she has an excellent voice. Why on earth would she wear something (her top) so low to a damn funeral??

nonmember avatar annoymous

Does anyone else think she looks so much like Cyndi Lauper?? I've thought that for the longest time now!

nonmember avatar Haha

@annonymous - youre spot on!^^^Cyndi Lauper! I've ALWAYS thought she was nasty, even back in the day when her 1st single came out.

MIA0223 MIA0223

I still say she started her cycle. So she was only sweating from between her legs due to nerves? Lol!


She's classless. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

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