Kyra Sedgwick's New 'Family Tattoo' Turns Some Heads

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kyra sedgwickKyra Sedgwick and her new tattoo wowed on the red carpet at of the Screen Actors Guild awards last night. The Closer star stunned in an orange Pucci dress, the cut-outs of which perfectly showed-off her fresh ink. Kyra told Giuliana Rancic of E! that her tat is a "family tattoo" -- it has the initials K, K, S, and T in a rectangle, standing for Kyra, husband Kevin Bacon, son Travis, 22, and daughter Sosie, 19.

I suppose if she was going to get inked, a tattoo that symbolizes the connectedness of her family is a sweet gesture.

It's probably better than getting just her husband's initials tattooed on her body -- that seems to be the kiss of death. One minute you're in love and want his name on your body, the next your scrambling to find an artist you can turn the word "Kevin" into a canoe floating on a sea of solitude.

You know that your children will always be a part of your life, that you'll always love them no matter what, so their permanency is nicely mirrored in a tattoo better than, say, a spouse or a boyfriend's would be. Or a pet, too. Those little bastards can turn on you in a heartbeat.

Also, the chances that you'll regret a family tattoo, I would say, are far less than the chance you'll regret that rose on your ankle or that infinity sign on your lower back. A tattoo that represents your love for your children is certainly a safer bet, and perhaps we'll see more moms jump on the tattoo bandwagon. I mean, Kyra's looks pretty good. She sets a nice example for the family tat, don't you think?

What do you think of Kyra's tattoo and "family tattoos" in general?


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nonmember avatar Amy Glidewell

Well, it's not new. If you watched the red carpet on E, she said she has had it for a year now. And I think it's a good idea. It's not his name its like a family crest.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

Yuck. The look would've been perfection without that scribble on her.

froggy80 froggy80

My MIL has a great family tattoo. She has a dreamcatcher w a red bead (birthstone colors) in the center to symbolize herself. Then she has a bead on the webbing for each son. And then for each daughter-in-law by the son. Then when each grandchild is born, she adds a bead for them.

nonmember avatar debbie

i think its a good idea. U love your family. I have a tattoo of both my children. They will always be with me and they are so happy that i did something like that for them.

robta... robtaysmom

I have a shamrock tattoo designed with each of my family's intials in each leaf.  I think it is a beautiful way to honor my family.  If you do not like tattoos you do not have to get one.

AlyBren AlyBren

I have DD's birthday in roman numerals on my upper arm.

Stard... Stardust1220

@froggy80 That is so awesome!! What an incredible and beautiful tribute to your family!

pkdru... pkdrummer

Hate tattoos.  Tacky, tacky...


Being... BeingJaneAusten

I don't understand why people have to honor anyone by marking there body, if you really want to honor someone than create a charity in there name or start a bank account for them! Do something that matters!

mamma... mammajigglypuff

I got my first tattoo this summer of an owl in green, blue and white for our birthstones(emerald,sapphire and diamond) and the eyes are shaped like daisies which was my mother's favorite flower.

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