NO WORDS For This Red Carpet Disaster Dress

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Shy'mLately, I've been laying off the disastrous dresses certain actresses choose for their red carpet photo opps, mostly because there are JUST SO MANY OF THEM.

But this one?

This one takes the cake.

I present to you Shy'm, a French chanteuse who turned heads on the red carpet last night at a music awards ceremony in Cannes.

I've never heard of Shy'm, but I do know one thing about her.

She's certainly not SHY.


I also can say that this "dress" is, without a doubt, the worst red carpet disaster I think I've ever seen.

It's so bizarre, I don't really even know quite what to make of it.

What about you?

Let's start with that plastic corset.

It is, quite simply, COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. I suspect it might even be a spray-on top. Shy'm seriously might as well be naked.

I suppose, though, that if it topped a beautiful skirt, it might not be quite so bad.

But um, Shy'm? Wrapping a sheet around your waist does not a fancy gown make.

Seriously. Who is responsible for this? They deserve a night or twenty in fashion jail!

I guess it worked for Shy'm, though. She ended the evening with the NRJ Female Artist of the Year award. And the award comes on the heels of her recent win on the French version of Dancing with the Stars.

If her latest successes are any indication, we may very well be seeing more of the scantily-clad Shy'm here in the states.

Let's just hope she leaves this "dress" behind.

What do you think of Shy'm's red carpet disaster?


Image via Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images

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nonmember avatar suebradley

Sheesh, the things people will do to get attention!

1985S... 1985Supersport

While her outfit might do well in France.  Here in the USA we like to be more conservation an cover up an be respected as females.  I think that disaster deserves a decent burial.

nonmember avatar katie

not the best dress......but she is an amazing singer.

nonmember avatar Tonya

I do think think that top is sprayed or painted on. And while that dress is pretty bad, I guess she subscribes to the "If you've got it, flaunt it" philosophy. And clearly, she's got it. If I were that flawless, I may just spray a top in too! Lol!

count... countrygirl670

That dress doesn't count as "flaunting it."   It does nothing for her.  She looks like she overslept, tied a sheet around her waist and forgot about a top altogether.  Not daring.  Not sexy.  Just silly looking.

banan... banana-bear

"Here in the USA we like to be more conservation an cover up an be respected as females."

Ahahahah!!!!! You MUST be joking, right? Do we live in the same United States? You're a bit dilusional.

nonmember avatar Ally

I think its better to take a risk and wear a piece of art than to put on a safe unforgettable gown. you may not like her dress, but she got you to talk about it, which sends more energy her way. And any energy, good or bad, is great for your career when your in the public eye

Karin... Karine561

I'm French and I don't like her dress!!! I like her as a artist but this dress is ugly! My friends from France hate it too. Definitly red carpet disaster, what was she thinking!

nonmember avatar Katherine

This is like a real-life rendition of "The Emperor's New Clothes", but the people aren't laughing - they are applauding. I'm sure she paid a fortune for this ridiculous get-up. It would have been much cheaper for her to just go naked. Unfortunately, I think that's just where Hollywood is headed. Don't look for me - I'll be staying inside, wrapped in a Snuggie...

nonmember avatar Gertie

It looks like a swimsuit and a towel.

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