Callista Gingrich's Hair: 7 Facts You May Not Have Known

Callista GingrichNewt Gingrich may very well be the Republican nominee for president, if the latest polls are any indication -- and that means that he's getting a lot of attention right now.

And so is his wife, Callista's, hair.

I'll admit, I'm completely fascinated by her immovable hairdo. It's so very, very blond, so otherworldly in its gravity-defying perfection, that it looks like it belongs on the head of a character in a  Dreamworks film.

Callista sat directly in front of me during our CafeMom Coffee Break with Newt Gingrich a few weeks ago, and I kept sneaking peeks at her hair throughout the event. Under the lights, it practically glowed. She looked like some sort of fussy, retro angel.

I'm just dying to touch that hair!

Ahem. Where were we?

Since searches for information on Callista's hair are at an all-time high, I figured that now is an excellent time to point out a few interesting facts about her 'do that you probably didn't know.

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  • According to the New Yorker: “Where do you get your hair done?” a red-haired woman asked as she got her book signed. “At Sugar House in Old Town,” Mrs. Gingrich said quietly, referring to a salon in Alexandria. (Her stylist, Tatjana Belajic, told me she has yet to get a request for “the Callista,” though that would surely change if Mrs. Gingrich became First Lady.)

  • But wait! That may have been a ruse to keep pesky fans from booking up her stylist! This from BuzzFeed: "According to receptionist who answered the phone at the Andre Chreky salon in D.C., where Gingrich gets her hair done, the dye job will run $300 or more. Gingrich gets her hair cut with Andre, which costs $90."

  • A Slate writer went in to get Callista's hair for herself. She writes: "The color alone took three hours to achieve. Three hours of bleach and gloss and glaze and goop and my head being knocked about left and right. The gloss (or maybe it was the glaze?) burned my scalp; when I mentioned this, Pejman looked right at me and said, “Beauty tingles.”"

  • The Daily Beast writer Robin Givhan says Callista's look isn't "politically" correct: "The unspoken rule of political style: do not tempt audiences into pondering how much mirror time one requires—or indulges in—on a daily basis. Already, media estimates have put Mrs. Gingrich’s hair-care time at anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes a day."

  • This from Gawker: "What is remarkable about her 'do is that it is precisely the same every time she is in public view. "The reality of a hairstyle like that is that it takes masterful skill," [salon owner Michael Angelo] says. "You have to know every quirk of a person's hair growth to get it to work and be exactly the same every time. You can't trust that to a random stranger. She must have someone full time or close to it." He adds that not only is she dying it probably every two weeks to keep from getting any roots whatsoever, but there is no way she is doing her hair on her own on a daily basis.

  • Gawker adds that experts surmise that in order to keep her hair that blond, she's probably touching up the color EVERY TWO WEEKS. Whoa.

  • Look what you can do on BuzzFeed:

Callista Ferrier
(Duck face intentional.)

What do you think of Callista's hair?


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