Watch Cindy Barshop Bedazzle a Woman's Sacred Parts With Fox Fur (VIDEO)

Cindy BarshopSo a few weeks ago. we heard all about a fancy new deluxe treatment at Cindy Barshop's chic NYC waxing spa chain Completely Bare. For a casual $225 a pop, women can stop by The Real Housewives of New York star's spot for an, um, enhancement on their lady parts consisting of REAL fox fur.

Sure, I thought the whole thing was wackadoodle when I heard about it the first time. But after watching Cindy jazz up a woman herself, I've got to say -- it's not as bad as I thought. If a Real Housewife says it's cool, then it's so totally got to be the IT thing, right?

OK, I'm kidding. It's still epically hilarious. But man oh man is this a video you've got to see. Take a look:


I have no words. I honestly want to ask Cindy Barshop if this is something that she herself would want bedazzling her vajayjay. Cindy's a woman with some good business sense. She's got to know that this is just an absolutely ridiculous concept, right?

I also have to wonder -- wouldn't this be something that, like, gets in the way? Can't you just imagine the feathers getting stuck on something? OUCHERS! Or even worse -- what if some of the fur gets caught in your zipper and you accidentally walk around with a little extra pink fluff sticking out the front of your pantalones?

I don't know ladies. I don't care how hip or chic this is or if Cindy says it's cooler than vajazzling. I know there are a lot of other things I'd rather do with $225.

Would you get your lady parts jazzed up by Cindy Barshop?


Image via SpaWeek/YouTube

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