Makeup Free Friday: Charlize Theron Catches an Early Flight

charlize theronAfter Snooki revealed her fresh, makeup-free face, we got to thinking that some of the biggest celebrities out there might look just as good as the Jersey Shore star does without a lick of concealer, powder, mascara, lip gloss, or the general spackle job that is their Hollywood makeup. And guess what -- we were right. This photo of Young Adult star Charlize Theron catching an early morning flight out of LAX shows that she's flawless on the red carpet and the airport carpet. But, I mean, with those cheekbones, can she ever really look anything less than terrific?

It's so refreshing to see our favorite actresses au naturel.


Charlize started out as a model in her home town in South Africa but quickly realized she had the talent and the drive to become a world-class actress. Easily one of the prettiest women in the world, she shunned her genetic good looks for her role in Monster and it payed off. Her performance spoke for itself, and Charlize won the Oscar for Best Actress.

The 36-year-old star looks great without makeup and I'm sure she'll continue to impress us on and off the red carpet. Never one to overdo it, like, say, Snooki, Charlize's beauty routine generally seems to be pretty natural. There's only one flop I can think of, and that's when she showed up looking a bit orange at the 2003 Academy Awards. Since then, though? It's been smoothing sailing.

Happy to see her natural beauty shine through, as always.

What do you think -- does Charlize look just as good with makeup as without?


Photo via Splash News

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