Banana Republic Copying Kate Middleton's Dress Is So Not Cool


Banana Republic dress nude
The "Kate Sheath"
Here's the least surprising statement you'll hear all day: Kate Middleton is a fashion icon. I mean, no need to tell you that millions of women envy her polished style, and strive to emulate it themselves. And it would be pointless of informing you that every time Duchess Catherine steps out in something, the world waits with bated breath to find out where they, too, can purchase it. (Of course, such attempts are often for naught for many, as anything Kate wears sells out within minutes.)

But one tidbit you may find interesting is that it isn't just everyday women who are attempting to dress like Kate. Stores want to capture her style, also. And we're not talking no-name brands here. We're talking about Banana Republic, and the dress they just came out with, which is a rip-off of the gorgeous tan one Kate wore when meeting Michelle Obama. It's cool, though, they've dubbed it the "Kate sheath," so it's more of an homage than stealing.


The original dress, called the Shola, was made by one of Kate's favorite shops, Reiss. It sold out within minutes of Kate appearing in it (crashing the company's website to boot), and it retailed for $340. Banana's version is pretty much identical, save for the criss-cross wrapping on the bottom, and sells for $130. Both are lovely. But, just because Banana slapped Kate's name on it, doesn't mean it's not a case of one designer copying another.

I understand the little, no-name stores biting off of some of Kate's (and everyone else's) style. That's kind of their thing. Is it shady? I guess. But the clothing usually costs around $15, falls apart after one wearing, and doesn't really garner any publicity (or sales). But for a big-name store like Banana Republic to do it seems weird. Banana is just taking a design of Reiss', right? If Kate didn't wear the dress -- and the dress wasn't "named after Kate" -- would it be any different? Not really. And they'd probably find themselves with a lawsuit on their hands.

I guess cashing in on the Duchess' clothes outweighs everything else these days, though. Even originality.

Which dress do you like better -- the original Reiss or the Banana Republic one? Which celeb's style do you covet most?


Image via Banana Republic

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lucky... luckygirlyo

I have to be honest here-this is a really beautiful dress. The fabric is different, and it has a different ruching. I really don't think it seems like it steals.(Now-same exact fabric,color,etc? Then there'd be a point.) A sheath is a beautiful style, but very common.

BriLee BriLee

Because a sheath is so original? Haven't they been around for decades?

Littl... LittleManMama

So when designers make copies of dresses seen on red carpets is that not ok either?

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