'The Hunger Games' Has a New Fashion Site and I'm Addicted!

Effie TrinketThe smart people at Lionsgate know there's MAJOR buzz around their upcoming release, The Hunger Games. That's why, in a brilliant move, they've created the website Capitol Couture -- a fictional fashion site for the citizens of Panem.


Fans of the book series will appreciate this detailed look at all things fashionable in the quirky Capitol ... check out this shot of Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, for example, which graces the top of the fold.

If it were possible for me to get any more excited about this movie, well, now I am!

Click through to see more from the site!


An article about Effie quotes her as saying, “The higher the heel the better. I just love love love dropping by the City Circle in my perspex-heeled metallic booties!”


Another article shows you how to get crazified nails just like the Capitol fashionistas are wearing.

And check out this close-up of Effie's booties:

Effie TrinketWith this site, I have to admit that my excitement about seeing The Hunger Games on the big screen soars to a new level. The costume design promises to be every bit as interesting as the movie itself!

Check out Capitol Couture here, then tell me what you think of the promotional site in the comments.

Does this make you even more psyched about the premiere of The Hunger Games?


Images via Lionsgate

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