French 'Elle's Racist Article Insults First Family & Then Some

michelle obamaThere's a journalist in France right now who's probably hiding under the covers, wishing that she could turn back time and take back some of the things she wrote about the Obamas in an issue of French Elle. At least you have to hope she regrets her piece, because oh mon dieu, it certainly was one insensitive and obtuse article about how the First Family is thankfully embracing "white fashion" codes. She goes on to say, in an almost relieved tone, that it's great that "chic" has become a "plausible option" for the black community that's so used to wearing "streetwear."

Ugh. It doesn't stop there, though. The column also implies that black people don't have to dress, you know, entirely like white people, they can throw in some references to their "roots" with "ethnic" accessories, too, like turbans.


The editor at the mag says that the piece is being misunderstood, and I want to give her the benefit of the doubt here, but yikes -- this is just as bad as that blogger for Marie Claire who posted about how grossed out she was to see overweight people kissing, as it specifically pertained to that show, Mike and Molly, starring Melissa McCarthy. What were these women thinking?

Anyway, Michelle Obama's style is not praise-worthy because she's "dressing like a white woman"; it's admirable because she wears mostly affordable clothing that fits nicely, flatters her figure, and exudes a sense of style, comfort, and functionality. No matter if she's black, white, or purple, Mrs. Obama's fashion choices reflect on her sense of style as a professional woman, not as a woman of any specific race. It's too bad that some people feel otherwise.

What do you think of this piece in French Elle?


Photo via An Honorable German/Flickr

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