Lea Michele Is the Sexiest Candie's Model Yet (VIDEO)

Lea Michele Candie'sOn Glee, Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry, just about the most put-together and preppy teenager ever. In the latest ad campaign for Candie's, the 25-year-old actress is throwing her Mary Janes to the side and channeling her bad side. Lea Michele's making her big debut as the brand's spokeswoman for their 2012 spring collection exclusively at Kohl's, and let me tell you something -- she's looking H-O-T

Babes like Alyssa Milano, Kelly Clarkson, Fergie, Vanessa Hudgens, and my personal fave, Britney Spears have all represented Candie's in the past. However, I don't know if any of them ever looked this fierce. Dare I say it, Lea's campaign may actually make me head over to the teen section at Kohl's! I mean it, these looks are seriously adorable.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look from Lea's Candie's photo shoot and see the sexiness for yourself:


That first dress she's wearing in the interview, the red sheer long-sleeve, and that off-white lace top from the closet scene are definitely my favorite pieces. Don't you just love the return of vibrant colors to spring fashion after a dreary winter? I could totally use some more color in my wardrobe a la this collection.

Honestly, I think I like the clothes better because Lea's attitude in them is so fun. Lea looks like she's having fun in the Candie's swag. I can only hope that I'll feel that way when I slip it on, right? Whether or not the clothes are your style, there's no doubting Lea rocked the shoot. Check out more Lea and the entire Candie's line at the Kohl's website.

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What do you think of Lea's new ad campaign for Candie's?


Image via Stellarhead/Vimeo

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