Dianna Agron Reveals the Best Thing About Short Hair

Dianna Agron as Quinn on 'Glee'Me and Dianna Agron, we go way back, before she went drastic and opted for her chic bob. Prior to the dramatic change, I didn't think it was possible for the Glee actress to look better. Seriously, with bone structure like that? The girl's a 10!

In a recent interview with website Refinery 29, the 25-year-old star said that the style has actually changed her attitude about the amount of maintenance our tresses really need:

"Let [your hair] do what it wants to do. Mess it up a little, and leave it alone. It's fun that way ... I am not into perfection right now."

Not into perfection? Shoot. Sounds super easy, doesn't it? Dianna's got me seriously reconsidering my "long hair is best" philosophy.


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I've had long hair FOREVER. I'm sure my fellow lengthy ladies can agree that it's essentially a wonderful security blanket. Every time I complain about wanting a change, I get too nervous to go through with it. Besides, with my face shape -- I'm convinced that a shorter style would be 100 percent unflattering.

However, Dianna's relaxed attitude toward her hair makes me a bit jealous. With long hair, you can always throw it back, but generally you can't just wear it down without doing anything to it. Short hair? A dollop of mousse here, a squirt of hairspray there, and you're ready to go! I can totally understand why some women love it so much!

Let me pose a serious question to you: How long do you spend on your hair daily, on average? For me, it's probably about 30 minutes. If you're like me, can you even imagine what we'd be able to do with the 210 extra minutes PER WEEK if we adopted Dianna's easy attitude? I could actually finish the scarf I started knitting in, oh ... November.

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Perhaps there is a way to adopt Dianna's messy motto without getting rid of length. Rather than blow dry, opt for an easy side braid while your hair's still wet. After it dries, take it out and voilà! Wave central! Not into waves? Then like I said -- slicking it back's always an option. Whatever method you choose, I think one thing's for sure: we could all benefit from Dianna's suggestion of taking it easy once in a while.

Do you spend a lot of time on your hair? How long on average?


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