Hillary Clinton's Headbands Are Back & Better Than Ever


hillary clinton & barack obamaPresident Obama's State of the Union address last night touched on some hot button issues like tax rates, immigration, Wall street, and manufacturing, but he failed to mention one point of contention: Hillary Clinton's headband. It's like he doesn't even care, you know? Anyway, our Secretary of State hasn't necessarily been praised for her fashion sense over the years, but last night Hill was right on trend. In a sleek black pant suit, Hillary looked professional and polished. Her couple of bracelets and that black headband with a sparkle here and there really added a nice, stylish touch. These headbands, I tell ya, they are certainly having their moment in the sun.

Hill's had some fashion wins over the years, but they were few and far between. It's nice to see that she took a moment to consider her accessories before last night's address and went with something even Charlize Theron would approve. The headband made a splash on the Golden Globes red carpet a few weeks ago, and now they've made their way into Congress.

They're on a fast trajectory -- no one knows where they'll show up next. Prom's just around the corner; maybe teens will hop on board and rock the look at that oh-so-important senior dance. But before that main event, we have the Academy Awards at the end of next month. I'm sure we'll see a headband or two on that red carpet.

Until then, we'll have to take our headband fixes where we can get them, and Hillary's supply is seemingly endless. However, I hope she's burned that puffy, braided blue one she owns along with anything else that's padded head-wear; those are headbands from hell.

But if last night's choice is any indication, Hillary's headbands are back, and better than ever.

Headbands: Yay or nay?


Photo via Win McNamee/Getty

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Kwiat2 Kwiat2

No, just no. Do you think she'd still be wearing them if she had become president? Could you imagine?

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Headbands do not look professional.  But at least she didn't have on a butterfly clip - that was PATHETIC.

Melis... Melissa042807

I don't think it was a good look for her. I don't particularly like her current hairstyle either. I've never thought of Hillary as a particularly attractive woman, but the long hair is very Plain Jane on her. I think she needs to get a shorter, more flattering haircut. 

nonmember avatar Cookie

You people sound so jealous. She looks GREAT. especially for her age and her hair looked beautiful. I for one LOVED the headband and I wear them all the time. I always get compliments when i do. Maybe you miserable old ladies should try one sometime.

starr... starrsitter

It's almost as if the Secretary of State has better shit to do than worry about what people think of her hair accessories...

tinyp... tinypossum

What in the world is unprofessional about a headband? It didn't have a giant flower or sequins on it. It was just a simple, black headband and it looked perfectly fine. I'd hate to be so repressed and uptight I couldn't put a little bit of style and individuality into my outfit. 

MegTh... MegTheGem

I couldn't help but remember her saying "WE are the President!"

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