Model Alessandra Ambrosio's Pregnant Runway Walk Could Start a Trend

alessandra ambrosioSupermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the hottest women in the world, no doubt about it. The Brazilian beauty has strutted her stuff on runways near and far in bikinis small and tiny -- her enviable rock hard abs and sinewy legs are the stuff dreams are made of -- but a recent change to her flawless figure has gotten everyone's attention. At Colcci's runway show during Sao Paulo fashion week, Ambrosio walked the catwalk with a bun in the oven; she's 5 months pregnant.

Of course, she looked glowing and gorgeous and perfect and wonderful and did I mention glowing? But her beautiful-with-baby-body isn't just something to marvel, it's something to respect. Pregnant women on the high-fashion runway has been a long time coming.


It's not that they necessarily needed to be featured on the Chanel or YSL runway shows, absolutely not, it's just that I think we've evolved as a people so much that it's now not only accepted, but celebrated to feature an expectant mother on the catwalk.

In the 1960s, we saw "curvy" women on the Chanel runway, in the late '80s we had what was considered an athletic body to represent high fashion (think Cindy Crawford), in the '90s the waif became popular (think Kate Moss), in the late 2000s, the plus-size model made an impact (think Crystal Renn), and now in the 2010s, the pregnant shape has made its mark.

The desired model figure has changed over time, and it's great to see that a pregnant belly is now on the runway next to chiseled abs and convex stomachs. By no means will this become the norm outside of maternity wear shows, but who knows, maybe as more of the most famous models enter into their baby making years, we'll see more of it going forward.

Speaking of which, it's about time Gisele had another, don't you think? Would love to see her pregnant and walking beside Alessandra in a show -- how fabulous.

What do you think about a pregnant Alessandra on the runway?


Photo via Splash News

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