G-String Wedding Dress Is Anything But Virginal

g-string wedding dressI'm all for thinking outside of the box when it comes to a wedding dress. Sarah Jessica Parker's black wedding dress? I was all for it. Gwen Stefani's pink-tinged gown? Loved! But I think I found out today where I draw the line: With the G-string wedding dress.

Last week, in the midst of Berlin Fashion Week, uber-edgy German wedding dress-maker, Kaviar Gauche, showed just that. A wedding dress ... sans the dress. Or really any fabric at all, if you want to get all technical.


Here's a video of the dress making its skimpy way down the runway in all its glory.

Dude. Is this really necessary? I mean, seriously. Clearly, this is just edginess for the sake of being edgy. Is anyone actually going to wear this thing? And if a bride does want to get married in a swimsuit or lingerie or whatever this is supposed to be, I'm not so sure they'd go with this option. The piece of fabric connecting the top and bottom parts? The floor-length veil? It's hard for me to even wrap my head around what's going on here, but I know this isn't wedding dress-attire.

Kudos to Kaviar Gauche for coming up with something new in the tired field of bridal attire (I guess), but seriously, guys, did you honestly do this for any other reason than to garner publicity? Yeah, I didn't think so. But that's alright, 'cause -- hey, look at that! -- you're getting it.

Do you like this G-string wedding dress? Would you ever wear it?


Image via Huffington Post

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