Kate Hudson Is the New Face of Ann Taylor: Does She Outdo Demi?

Kate HudsonGoodbye, Demi ... hello, Kate!

Kate Hudson is the new face of Ann Taylor, and if these photos are any indication, she's la fantastic choice!

My question for you is -- is she a better spokesmodel for the brand than Demi Moore?

Check out more behind-the-scenes photos from Kate's AT shoot -- after the jump!


Kate HudsonOne thing I love about the ads right off the bat is that they don't have the same overly-airbrushed look of the fall Ann Taylor campaign, which made Demi look like someone else who sort of looked like Demi Moore.

Kate's photos have a much more natural, girl-next-door feel, which suits Kate's personality very well.


Kate Hudson

Judging from these photos, spring is going to be all about eye-popping color. I love how Kate's lipstick blends with the bright colors she's wearing, and the way the colors are toned down with neutral shades.


Kate Hudson

Awww, look. Kate could have been a businesswoman, too.


Kate HudsonAll in all, I think Kate's looking pretty darn good in this campaign -- and I think she's probably a better fit for the label than Demi.

What about you?


Images via Ann Taylor

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