Actress Carey Mulligan Commits Ultimate Red Carpet Faux Pas

Carey MulliganActress Carey Mulligan looks cute in this flowy quirky red dress, doesn't she? I love how she accessorized the Roland Mouret Spring 2012 gem with fun suede blue pumps!

Turns out really she loves it too. So much so that she decided to wear it twice to two different events in the span of only two weeks. The first time to a Los Angeles party, and the second time to the London Critics' Circle Film Awards.

For you and me, I could understand wearing the same thing twice, three times, whatever. For a wealthy actress in the spotlight? Grave mistake, my dear.


Part of an actress's job is keeping up their image. The way that others see them determines how they get certain roles. How does the Shame actress expect to be taken as a serious professional when she's flouncing around town in the same gown? Sure, I'd say it's no big thing if she was rockin' her favorite cardigan for the bajillionth time headed to the grocery store or her go-to yoga pants en route to the gym. Come on, though! This is a red carpet event! 

Not to mention, Mulligan picked a pretty distinct gown to rock twice. It's not like this is a little black dress or something! With the bold flowers toward the bottom of the dress and the fun neckline, this is a look that makes a drastic statement every time it's taken off the rack. She does deserve a little praise, though. At least she swapped up her accessories!

For you and me, rewearing clothes is different. My golden rule is if there aren't photos from a certain event, then I can 100 percent definitely rewear a fancy dress. For everything else from sweaters and jeans to that comfy classic long sleeve, there are no rules. Wear your favorites all you want.

The good news: Rumor has it that Mulligan may have worn the dress again as a challenge from Colin Firth's wife, Livia. Seems that Livia is launching her third annual Green Carpet Challenge, daring actresses to re-wear gowns during the awards season. Let's hope that's the reason behind this. If so, good for her! Otherwise -- I'm sorry Carey. Let's hope there's no round three.

Do you wear the same dress to different occasions?


Image via Dave Hogan/Getty Images

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