6 Reasons My $75 Mittens Were Worth Every Penny


mittensThey may not look like much. Simple mittens. Adult mittens. They aren't fancy leather gloves. They aren't fur-lined. They can't work an iPhone because of special fingertip technology. In fact -- they can't work anything, well, because they are mittens! And, to top it all off, they were $75.

But do you know what they can do? They can keep my hands nice and warm. Not so warm that they start to sweat ... but warm enough so that my hands don't even feel like they are outside.

My husband thought I was nuts when I told him how much they cost. I, kind of, thought I was nuts too. Who pays $75 for mittens? But any doubt I had disappeared when I slipped my hands into their fleece-like warmth.

To justify my purchase (which, of course, I don't need to do, but still -- I feel like I need to do), I've listed out six reasons why my Grandoe mittens were worth every penny.

1. When I go skiing my fingers won't feel like they are going to fall off as I sit on the chairlift in ridiculously low temperatures (muttering under my breath the entire way up, "Why am I on this ski-lift again?").

2. They should last me for years. Hell, maybe even for the rest of my whole damn life. I am not digging in the dirt with these things ... I am wiping snot (usually not my own) and walking around town.

3. Did I mention they are warm. And that works for my every day as well as my once a year ski trip. They are warm as I wait for the bus to send my kids off to school. Warm as I wait for the train to send myself off to work. You get the idea. Warm. Warm. Warm.

4. I never buy myself stuff like this. I shop for my kids but I rarely shop for myself. And when I do shop for myself, I am always bargain hunting and checking price tags -- and you know what -- it felt great to click the "add to cart" button and treat myself to something.

5. These mittens will make some killer snowballs. The palm-side of these things are perfectly round and smooth.

6. My daughter tried them on and she said it felt like her hand was wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Yep, totally worth it!

Is there something you've splurged on that was totally worth the money?


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nonmember avatar zizzler

I can't stop laughing. At you. $75 for gloves??

Sidthe Sidthe

I'm with zizzler...minus the laughing I'm more dumbfounded... $75 for gloves! I thought I paid an outrageous amount for my own gloves and they were $16 thinsulate the kind of mitten that flips back so you have fingerless gloves...And they keep my hands plenty warm!

nonmember avatar S

Who cares. It's your money. You like them, buy them.

momav... momavanessa

Wow! zizzler you are so right! I buy 2 pairs for 2 bucks at Target and they last and work just fine! I would rather spend my money for something else!

deadl... deadlights86

I hate mittens they're stupid. I love my gloves they do everything yours do but i can use my fingers and they cost me about 2.00.

nonmember avatar S

WoW.....someone sounds bitter and broke....

Mmyof... MmyofLiviCaleb

Wow....I think her question was "Is there something you've splurged on that was totally worth the money?" NOT "Will you please judge me for purchasing a $75 pair of mittens!"

sammy... sammyk1976

 Yup.  I splurged on an $80 custom handmade diaper bag - with skulls and crossbones in blue... It'll last me forever, store all my stuff, and it doesn't look like anyone else's diaper bag.  And of course because its got skulls and crossbones on it, and I have a daughter. 

Syko Syko

Yes, I bought a Coach handbag AND a Coach keyring.  I'd just moved into a different apartment and just got my deposit back on the last one, and I saw this poppy pink Coach bag and I kept going back and looking at it, and finally bought it.  Yes, I know you can get a perfectly adequate bag for $10 at Target, but I spent $350 on it, and another $40 for the keyring.  And I've carried that bag for over a year, and still get compliments on it, people see the color and they smile.  I see the color and I smile.  It makes me happy.  So does the little leather lion holding my keys.  Worth every penny.

nonmember avatar samantha

Love it!!!! When you find that extra something that just make YOU happy it's worth the splurge anytime!!!!! I splurge on $25 nail polish from Chanel every season...why because it's the best nailpolish I've ever used and they last forever!!! You only live once if you can splurge once in a while then do it!!!!!

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