Awesome Leonardo da Vinci Purse Design Brings New Meaning to the Word ‘Vintage’

leonardo da vinci purseThis spring's hottest accessory is a vintage purse. And when I say vintage, I mean it. It's from the late 15th century, and women all over the world will be clamoring to own this unique bag designed by the one and only Leonardo da Vinci. The renaissance man most known for his exquisite paintings, sculptures, and scientific discoveries was apparently also a talented bag designer. Back in 1497, he drew in detail what the bag would look like and the sketch was found in one of Leonardo's volume of notes that he cataloged between 1478 and 1519. Now, an Italian leather goods company has decided to bring this bag to life.

Told you it was vintage.


Gherardini, the company making the bags, has named the purse Pretiosa, Italian for "precious." And precious it is, indeed. Not only is the design by Leonardo "The Man" da Vinci (pretty sure that's what his friends called him), but Gheradini is only making 99 of them. Clearly, the demand is going to be extraordinarily high for this precious purse.

The bag is hand-sewn and comes complete with a brass handle and interior label. It's a magnificent art object, one that I'd be honored to carry. Just one thing. No idea how much this bad boy will cost.

All that's known so far about the sale is that it starts March 1. That doesn't give us much time to sell all our valuables, liquidate our assets, and form a line in Milan, but we should do what we can to ensure we've got the funds and the opportunity to snag up this unique piece of both actual, and fashion, history.

Watch the Pretiosa being made. Takes you back in time:

What do you think -- do you like the bag?


Photo via FashionIllustrated/YouTube

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