The Snood: Hip or Hideous?

Willow has declared the snood to be the hot trend of the moment -- and no, I'm not talking about an old-fashioned hairnet --

I'm talking about the tubular scarf our friend Willow Smith is wearing! Snoods are infinitely simple, because they have no loose ends -- you just put it over your head and go. has spotted Ashley Olsen in a fur snood, prompting them to call it "the season's perfect piece."


Sort of a boring fashion season, isn't it?

Anyway, I'd love to know what you think about the snood. Would you wear one, or will you stick with scarves?

Check out a few options that are in stores and online now ... after the jump!

Advertisement suggests this gray fox fur snood (Farfetch, $425) as an option. But I have a feeling we can find something a little more affordable ...


TopShopI like this angora cable snood (Topshop, $56), which would give you a nice burst of color over a black coat.


ASOSDitto on this loose rib knitted snood (Asos, $21.49), which is a very nice price!


Lands' End CanvasLands' End Canvas has this jaunty striped snood (Lands' End Canvas, $9.99) at a great price right now. It was originally $49.99!


ASOSPrefer fur? How about this faux option (ASOS, $26.86)?

What do you think of snoods? Is it really the season's perfect piece?


Images via Splash News, Farfetch, Topshop, ASOS, Lands' End Canvas, ASOS

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