Snooki Without Makeup Is Shockingly Pretty (PHOTO)

snookiThis morning, when I fired up my laptop, I saw something I never thought I'd see. It was a photo of self-proclaimed guidette, Snooki, sans any makeup or bronzer. And she didn't just look better than her usual tanned, poofed, made-up self, she looked fantastic.

If the photo wasn't from the Jersey Shore star's Twitter, it would have taken me a few moments to even realize that it was her. She looks fresh-faced, natural, and actually, really pretty. I would love to see the reality star take this on as her everyday look, but I know better. Snooki's addicted to spray tans, false eyelashes, and pounds of hairspray -- and there's no way she's straying. 


People fall into patterns with their appearances. I get that. I've had a rendition of the same haircut for years. I'll change things up a bit -- length, color -- but I'd feel uncomfortable totally deviating from what I've got going on. Some actually get addicted to their beauty/style repertoire, though. You've seen them -- women stuck in the '80s; dudes stuck in the early '90s. And even though these people might look better with an updated style, they won't switch. Not for long, at least. They're used to what they've got going on, and that's that. 

I think it's safe to say that's the case with Snooki -- and all of the Jersey Shore cast for that matter. She seems to feel most comfortable with her usual "look," and I don't see a major makeover -- or makeunder -- for her in the near future. Or ever. 

That's okay, though, because then when she posts photos like this, it's a much-welcomed, surprising treat. You look good, girl.

What do you think of makeup-free Snooki?


Image via Splash

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