Can We Talk About Headbands for a Sec?

charlize theronI know the Golden Globes are almost old news at this point, but I think there's something we still need to talk about before we put that whole awards show to rest. Headbands. Yes, I know we're all aware that half the celebs on the red carpet wore them, but! Let's delve a little deeper, shall we? Because if there's anything worth our critical thinking skills, it's those circlet pieces of string and fabric that make our hair and our heads look oh so perty.


There have been headband movements in every decade, but let's start with the late '80s -- I can remember that everyone was wearing them. Madonna can take a lot of credit for the look -- the trickle down effect of her headband choices likely styled an entire generation. We saw a few leftover headbands in the '90s, but the scrunchie stole a lot of its thunder in those days.

It wasn't until the early 2000s that we saw any sort of sizable resurgence. We have one Rachel Zoe to thank for that as she and client Nicole Richie started bringing back the look with a twist. They wore them across their foreheads, '60's style, and also rocked thicker ones that tied at the back of the neck, '50s style. Rach and Nicole had a falling out, and headbands were sort of like the red-headed step-child that got forgotten about in the divorce. No one cared about them anymore, and the poor headband was relegated to the back of drawers.

Until the Golden Globes. Here we are in '10s (is that what we're calling this decade?) and the headband is having its moment. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to these little synthetic garlands of textile happiness, because you never know how long they're going to stick around. I'm sure by the next Globes, we won't see them on the red carpet, but it's no matter. They have their time to shine here in 2012 . I'm sure this summer they'll really enjoy themselves, then it's back into hiding until the '20s (again, is that what we're calling the 2020s? I have no idea.).

Do you like wearing headbands?


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